Sunday, October 9, 2011

Farmyard Buffet

We have buffet tables located at strategic spots throughout the Farmyard and our friendly staff will be wandering around with platters filled with nommy food and drinks for effuryone !

With the Kitties in mind ...

Freshest fishie served in individual glass bowl

Blackbird Pie (Chef's note: contains 24 birdies)

Double Trouble - a bowl each of Fresh Meat and crunchy Beef Biccies

Mousie Burger (keep your paw on it or it might run off !)

From our Takeaway menu (self-opening)

Especially for the doggies ...

Bacon Cupcake - served with 2 rashers of bacon

Bacon Salad - for the health conscious

Bacon Burger (2 all-beef patties, bacon, cheese, special bacon sauce)

Platter of Bacon-wrapped Sossidges

Whole Roast Bacon Chicken

Sweet offerings ...

A whole bowl full of Chocolate-covered bacon chunks

Catnip Cupcakes with Salmon Cream Cheese frosting

Peanut Butter Toasties (served with whipped cream)

Efuryone's favourite - Smores !

Bacone - a bacon cone filled with whipped cream, topped with a hash brown

At the Bar
There are the usual soft drinks, milk, tea and coffee available for our guests, which you will find at the shady rest areas located around the Farmyard.

However, for those looking for something a little more unusual, we have a fine selection to choose from:

Catnip Latte dusted with Dried Liver Powder

Sparkling Toilet Water with Goldfish Chaser

Cocktail: "Blue Cosmeowpolitan"

Cocktail: "Pawberry Daiquiri"

Cocktail: "Dog Biscuit"

Wildcat Beer - bring out your Wild side ! (80% catnip)

Bacon Beer - tried and trusted

Before you go ...

Make sure you grab a takeaway box before you leave - they are crammed pack full of nommy treats for you to enjoy on your way home.

Thanks for visiting and supporting us *waving*. We hope you had a grrreat time!